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Application periods


Application periods

Recognition of Foreign Secondary Education

1st application deadline

20th February – 15 March 2024

2nd application deadline

23rd August – 29th of August 2024

Subsequent applications

After the 2nd application deadline until the 9th of October 2024.

Applicants with foreign qualifications apply for recognition together with applying for studies or separately before of after the submission of the application to VPS portal.


The location of studies

On the location

Study from home

On the location

Academia Maribor, Slovenia

Kjara Kocbek

media production engineer

Work based learning experience and the work on projects


The study programme enabled me to upgrade my knowledge of photography. It enabled me to find and carry out new projects, which otherwise I would not have been able to.

Lenart Knez

mechanical engineer

No mo excuses, just ACTION!

Metalna IMPRO

I was poor in spirit, as well poor in other areas. I was afraid about loosing my job, afraid of tomorrows. At Academia, they inadvertently integrated me into a circle called ACTION. In that moment a felt a lot bigger. More so, because they warmly accepted with a professional approach and helped me with solutions, connected with my issues in the field of education. It was an exceptional moment. No more excuses, just ACTION! Now, my employer is afraid of the moment I will leave, if they will not maintain a working relationship. Now you have the chance to do something for yourself and for your loved ones.

Simona Mandl


I chose to study at Academia, because of the friendly faces

Europark, Maribor

If you are deciding to invest into personal and professional growth, do not hesitate and visit Academia, Short-Cycle Higher Education. As a manager of the biggest shopping center in the region, I wholeheartedly recommend them to you.

Dominik Škorjanec

security engineer

Professionally qualified lecturers from the industry

Post of Slovenia, Maribor

I am very satisfied with my studies, because the courses are carried out by professionally qualified lecturers that use various methods of transferring their knowledge; through project work and professional excursions. During my time at Academia, the people who I studied with became my friends and we remain in contact even after finishing our studies. Based on my personal experiece, I am able to recommend Academia to everybody that is looking for an interesting, reasonably priced and good quality study programme.

Alenka Kren


The studies at Academia awakened a burning desire for progress in me

Sensilab Slovenija

The education I’ve obtained at Academia played an important role in my advancement towards the role of sales manager at Sensilab. My advice to students is that they should finish their studies, by that I mean they should graduate. Without the cherry on top, it is hard to prove, what you have learned; regardless of the newly obtained experience and loads of new knowledge.

Blaž Vidovič

media production engineer

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even during short-term projects

Video producer and musician

The studies opened up new opportunities for me. I became a video producer for one of the biggest dance schools in Slovenia, collaborated with the folk ensemble Modrijani, the vocal group Bassless … I’ve obtained a lot of new skills, learned how to communicate, collaborate and how to work in a leadership role within a group. In the Media Production study programme we work in groups, because of that it is essential to learn about proper communication, acceptance and empathy.

Tomo Tancer

civil engineer

The study programme is based on concrete examples from the industry

APROS gradbeni laboratorij (construction laboratory), Maribor

At Academia, they made sure that the subject matter and lecturers come from concrete examples from the industry. After my studies, I found employment at APROS, a family owned construction laboratory. The students of Academia now participate in work based learning tutorials in the field of construction materials and resources at the same company.

Mateja Jevšnikar Hočevar

media production engineer

This diploma is a step forward, towards a new life

RTV Slovenija

This diploma is a step forward, towards a new life, the beginning of my life. The studies at Academia are a completely new dimension. During our studies we had lots of fun and became good friends.

Academia is an accredited private Short-Cycle Higher Education College, which offers state-approved study programmes of the Republic of Slovenia and from the United Kingdom. The programmes are officially inscribed into the Register of the RS Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the Register of The Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC).