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Attend an online open day

Languages Lectures are available in Slovenian or English

Acquired Certificates

During your studies you have the option to take certified examinations from the industry: for Oracle Java SE8 Fundamentals, Oracle Introduction to SQL, Oracle Database 12c Administration, CISCO IT Essentials and CompTIA A+.

Java, Cisco in CompTIA

Programme Accreditation

The Higher Education Programme in Computer Science is a private programme of the Academia Higher Vocational School, which became a public programme with its adoption at the 191st meeting of the Professional Council of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational and Professional Education on 17 December 2021. By Decision No 6033-1/2022/22 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Maribor of 29 March 2022, Academia Maribor was entered in the register of higher vocational schools for the implementation of the programme starting in the academic year 2022/2023.

RS Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Dual diploma

Enroll into a parallel Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma programme to obtain two additional UK Higher National Diploma qualification.

Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma Computing (Cyber Security)

Basic soft skills and knowledge

Basic soft skills and knowledge

You will obtain the soft skills in business communication in your native and foreign language of choice. Learn about organization, management and entrepreneurship, as well as the economics of computing and information projects.

The study programme develops your abilities to work in a team, public speaking, critical thinking and problem solving for various tasks.

Basics of computing and information technology

Basics of computing and information technology

You will define the basic algorithms for performing computer operations and carry out the process of programming an application. You will implement basic algorithms in code using an IDE. You will introduce the principles of computer networks and their protocols and design an efficient computer network. You will develop a fully functional relational database system and test it against customer requirements.

Business intelligence and project work in computing

Business intelligence and project work in computing

Analysing business processes and business decision support mechanisms; classifying tools and technologies with business intelligence functionality; elaborating and demonstrating the use of different business intelligence tools and technologies; advocating the support of business intelligence tools and technologies for effective business decision-making; and describing the legal and regulatory frameworks for the use of business intelligence technologies.

Application development

Application development

Software design by analysing a business-related problem and identifying appropriate solutions based on system and user requirements; implementing design and development methodologies to create a business application; designing and implementing a functional business application with supporting documentation - individually and as part of a team; evaluating the success of the development of a business application against the initial requirements and technical documentation.

Your perks within the duration of studies

  • Free Software
    Office365, Google Apps, LinkedIn Learning, Oracle VirtualBox, Eclipse, Java SE Development Kit, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, StarUML

Above average success and employability of our graduates.

We educate and employ for the needs of the European job-market for more than 25 years.

The only Short-Cycle Higher Education College with a Slovenian and English accreditation, where you obtain two degrees.

The only private school with a Diploma of Excellence as per the model of excellence of The Association of Higher Vocational Colleges of Slovenia.

Academia is the first and only institution in Slovenia that is a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition of the European Commission

The European Commission formed the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition in 2016. The Coalition os part of the The new European Skills Agenda that will enable EU citizens to obtain suitable vocational training, knowledge, skills and support. The Coalition supports cooperation between stakeholders from the field of education, employment and the industry, with the goal of improving digital competences and skills for IT Experts and for the general public.

The Coalition supports the Digital Opportunities for Traineeships GD CONNECT. The initiative is hosted by Drop’pin@EURES and it’s purpose is enhancing digital competences and knowledge though transnational internships for up to 6000 students and fresh graduates between 2018 and 2020.