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“CFO: What happens if we train them and they leave?

CEO: What happens if we don’t and they stay?”

Enable your employees to achieve higher levels of education.

Lifelong education programmes for Employees

Around 71 % of employers prefer to offer education and training for the promotion of existing employees at the workplace, rather than employ a new person. Deloitte says that only 37 % of businesses claim that their training and education programmes are effective. We want to ensure you that our programmes will be effective.

Student office

Admission policies

The admission policies for the study programme Media Production are:

  • general matura or
  • vocational matura or
  • adequate professional qualification as per previous regulations:
  • master craftsman, foreman, manager exams, 3 years of work experience and a successful general education exam, determined by the vocational matura examination standards in secondary technical education.

Study programme realization

  • The Short-Cycle Higher Education study programme is carried out in modular form; that is subject after subject.
  • The classes take place from 4PM (16:00) to 8PM (20:00).
  • Two to three times per week, in the range of 800 hours of lectures and practical lessons.
  • Internships at your company, in the range of 800 hours.

Lecturers, instructors and laboratory assistants

The Lecturers, instructors and laboratory assistants at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education, are experts that are actively employed in the industries of their field and have the corresponding Pedagogical and Andragogical Education.

Training and education groups for lecturers, instructors and laboratory assistants

If you wish to include 20 or more of your employees into a study programme, we are able to customize the programme to the needs of your company or organisation. We are able to include your experienced and lead staff into the education process as lecturers and instructors.

You can choose from the following Study Programmes