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“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

– A. Einstein

Study programmes and occupations

Economist – module Sales specialist

  • Sales manager, Sales specialist, Procurement officer, Procurement and Marketing manager, Business development expert.

Economist – module Accountant

  • Accountant, bookkeeper

Economist – module Tourism

  • Organizer for tourism, Sales or Procurement manager, Sales or Procurement officer, Marketer

Civil engineering

  • Civil engineer in high-rise and low-rise operations, Civil engineer in building management.

Informatics – module Software engineering

  • Programmer

Informatics – module System engineering

  • System administrator

Mechanical engineering

  • Mechanical engineer for the lead and design of the production process, tool industry management.


  • Security engineer

Media production

  • Audio producer, Grafični designer, Web designer, Web producer, Video producer, Camera operator, Editor, Photographer, 3D animator.

Internship timeline

1st Step

Career planning

The student prepare a career plan, CV and undergo personality tests.

2nd Step

Project work

Within the courses, students prepare practical project work assignments based on examples of real companies. They are evaluated by the course lecturer.

3rd Step

Internship at a company

(Up to) 800 hours of internship at a company. The students prepare a work report, which is evaluated by the company mentor.

Minimum requirements for performing an internship at a company

  • Time range
    Students must carry out 800 hours of internship work. The internship may be carried out in full with one employer or it may be carried out with various employers, for shorter time frames.
  • Staff conditions
    The employer is obliged to provide a mentor at he company. The mentor must have obtained a post-secondary level of education (level 6/1) from the same or similar professional background, and at least two years of work experience. The mentor in the company may receive help from an educator that has obtained a secondary professional education and has five years of work experience in the field.
  • Material conditions
    Economist – office workspace with a computer and the corresponding computer software,
    Civil Engineering – office workspace with a computer and a building site,
    Informatics – office workspace with a computer,
    Media production – office workspace with a computer and multimedia software,
    Mechanical Engineering – office workspace with a computer and a production site,
    Security – office workspace with a computer and an active security service of sites or persons.

Company mentor support

Training and counseling

The eAcademia service for mentors enables online training for successful mentoring. The company mentor may, if needed, have access to individual mentorship counseling.

Grading materials

The student and mentor within the company receive samples of work examination reports that are used by the mentor to grade the work of the student.

Company mentorship certificate

Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education, issues a company mentorship certificate to the mentor, after the internship.

Višja strokovna šola Academia Maribor ob zaključku prakse v podjetju mentorju izda potrdilo o mentorstvu.

Costs and reimbursement of mentorship expenses

Review of the employer’s obligations

Reimbursement of mentorship expenses

Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia issues public tenders for employers, where they offer a reimbursement of mentorship expenses students performing obligatory internships at their companies. In 2019 the grant total was 1250 € per student performing an 800 hour internship.