Senior Product Designer at 3FS Igor Štumberger

Application development

As part of the Prototyping course of the Computer Science – Application Development module, we host edIgor Štumberger, Senior Product Designer at 3FS, acompany thatoffers digital product development and the digital transformation of the Internet of Things.

The guest lecturer, Igor Štumberger, a renowned application developer who has worked in close cooperation with Ericsson, introduced the students to the practical aspects of user testing in practice. He worked with Ericsson to develop a project that brought innovative solutions in the field of user experience in applications.

The title of the lecture, “User Testing in Practice”, gave a clear indication of what the students could expect. Mr. Štumberger shared his extensive experience and practices related to working with the user experience team on a project with Ericsson.

This provided the students with concrete examples, challenges, and solutions that arise in real-world user testing. At the end of the lecture, Mr. Štumberger presented and showed the students the Simple prototype.

During the guest lecture, students learned about the latest approaches, methods, and tools used in user testing and the importance of involving users in the application development process. At the same time, it also stimulated their thinking about the possibilities for further work in the field of application development and highlighted the importance of practical experience in their future careers.


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