COMTRADE company tour for students of Computer Science programme

Application development

Artificial intelligence

Cyber security

Data science

Network Computing

Software Computing

On Wednesday, 30 March 2022, students of the Computer Science study programme took part in a professional excursion and visited the COMTRADE company in Maribor, a modern development centre for software solutions, during the course Databases 1.

Mr Blaž Svete (Resource Manager, Recruter) first showed the IT students around the company’s premises and then, together with his colleague Matevž Petan (Software Developer), gave a short presentation on programming languages and the services the company offers to its customers.  COMTRADE, an IT and solutions company, now has branches in 11 countries in Europe and North America, with technology centres in Ljubljana, Belgrade and Sarajevo. The Slovenian branch had revenues of more than 47 million euros in 2015.

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