Academia representatives visit the University of Mauritius as part of Erasmus+

In April, two representatives of the VSŠ Academia visited the University of Mauritius as part of the Erasmus+ partnership. The education system in Mauritius is somewhat similar to Slovenia’s, although compulsory education starts at the age of 5 and lasts until the age of 16. There are six years of primary education and then seven years of secondary education. Compulsory education is free. This also applies to undergraduate education at public universities.


The University of Mauritius (MoU) was founded in 1965. Today, there are 7 faculties: Agriculture, Engineering, Information Communication and Digital Technologies, Law and Management, Medicine and Health Sciences, Science, Social Sciences, and Humanities. The new renewed vision of the UoM emphasizes research and development, entrepreneurship and internationalization. There are three research centers: for biomedicine and biomaterials, for slavery and identity, and an international center for sustainable tourism and hospitality.



The UoM enrolled slightly fewer students in the last academic year than in the past (around 9,500 students). It employs around 800 people, of whom 200 are administrative staff. The representatives visited the University of Mauritius several times during their stay in Mauritius. They were also given a guided tour of all the faculties and other important buildings on the university campus, which is located on the outskirts of the capital Port Louis, in the area known as Reduit.

Among other things, they met the Vice-Chancellor of the University; later, they also met representatives of the International Office. During interviews and round tables, they discussed common interests and agreed on further cooperation. Currently, the first student from Mauritius is on Erasmus+ exchange at Academia and will stay in Slovenia until July 2023. Two more important representatives of the University of Mauritius are expected at Academia at the end of June 2023.


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