Excursion of Security students to the ŠRC shooting range “RA-TA-TA…”

Security Engineering

Students of the Security programme visited the Sports and Recreation Centre “RA-TA-TA…” in Maribor as part of the Armament and Shooting course  with the lecturer Mr. Dušan Gorišek.

The excursion took place on two separate dates, 19 and 24 January, due to its content and practical scope.

On the first date, the students were briefed on safety standards and range order, learned key information on weapons and ammunition as well as the importance of ballistics, cleaning weapons and refreshed on basic first aid for gunshot wounds.

In the second term, the first part of the excursion was dedicated to preparing the student/shooter for practical work at the shooting range, while the second part of the excursion was shooting at the firing range.

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