Nino Selinšek is the Audio Production Student of the Year 2021

Audio Production

The award for Audio Production Student of the Year 2021 in the Media Production – Audio Production module went to Nino Selinšek, who was the most successful and fastest in completing the requirements of the 2019-2021 generation of the Media Production Higher Education professional programme.

1 . What does the title Audio Production Engineer Student of the yer 2021 mean to you?

“Receiving the title means to me a certificate for successful studies and a job well done.”

2. Why did you choose to study at Academia Maribor?

“I chose to study Media Production – Audio Production module mainly because of the proximity of my studies in Maribor and since I had already chosen the Media Technician programme in high school, I decided to continue in this direction.”

3. What do you enjoy most about your studies?

“The thing I enjoyed the most during my studies was participating in the laboratory exercises in the sound studio, where we learnt a lot about analogue outboard equipment, about signal paths, which is very important in my profession as a music producer, and we finished the whole exercise with a group music project.

I had already worked out an idea at home of how the song would be shaped , we just had to add the bass guitar, and we recorded the drums and guitar together. I am currently doing my practical training at Radio Ptuj.

Most of my work is done from home, because of the situation of the coronavirus pandemic, as it is a radio programme editing. I did the same for the recent festival Children Sing Slovenian Songs and Rejoice , where I edited the whole programme from start to finish, and also took care of the volume balance.

The title of my thesis is Elementary Audiovisual of a Radio Station. It is the whole radio hour (greetings, introductory reports, weather and the rest of the background). I hope that the programme plan I am working on in my thesis will one day be used by many radio stations.”

4. How does studying at the Academia help you in your career and personal development? 

“I quickly noticed that I gained a lot in communication and enjoyment of teamwork. In my career development, I will benefit greatly from the knowledge I have gained, especially the practical experience.

Although we have already released three albums with the band, I have learnt a lot more about audio production at the Academia, and I have also gained some experience in video production, which is very useful when making music videos for our original songs.”

5. Where do you see yourself after graduation? 

“I would like to get a job. My dream job would of course be producing original music with my band.

But I don’t think school is that important in my field (band), because experience is more important than knowledge.” 

6. What advice would you give to prospective students to help them succeed in their studies?

“If you decide to study, work regularly. Some enrol for the knowledge, others of us enroled for the experience, but one without the other doesn’t work. So keep up with your lectures, as this will make it much easier for you to learn.”


“Two years have gone by quickly, it’s been great, and if I had to decide again what my next step in my education would be, I would choose Academia again.”

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