Professional excursion of Media Production students to Ljubljana

Media production

On Monday, 24 April, students of Media Production went on a professional excursion to Ljubljana as part of the course Project Work in Graphic Design under the guidance of Dejan Šmid and Mitja Miklavčič.

In the morning, the students took a guided tour of the Plečnik Universum exhibition at the Museum of Architecture and Design, where curator Katarina Metelko took them through the life and work of Jože Plečnik, one of the most important 20th-century architects in Slovenia. The exhibition gave visitors an insight into his work and his extensive oeuvre, which stretches from his early works in Prague to his latest projects in Ljubljana.



After the exhibition, the participants moved to the lecture hall, where Dr. Cvetka Požar presented post-war graphic design in Slovenia. The lecture covered the period from the Second World War until Slovenia’s independence. The main focus was on the development of the poster as one of the key means of communication during this period. The visitors got to know various artists and designers and their contributions to the development of Slovenian graphic design.



In the second part of the day, the visitors moved to the Tiporenesansa studio, where founder Marko Drpič guided them through the world of traditional printing techniques. The students had the opportunity to learn about and try their hand at printing and printing their own typographic posters. Mr. Drpič impressed the students with his knowledge and passion for the art of printing.

Finally, the participants went to the Cukrarna Gallery, where producer Eva Bolha gave a presentation about the gallery and its history. She also introduced them to the Figuralika exhibition, which was on show at the time. Visitors were able to walk among the artworks on display and see the different techniques and approaches to creation.


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