Comparison of the transport and security of cash and other valuables between The Republic of Slovenia and The Republic of Serbia

Security Engineering

Študent: Milan Novak

Milan Novak is a graduate of the Security Engineering programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in June 2021.


Thesis paper Milan Novak

The right to security is one of the established categories of human rights and liberties.

The Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia protects it directly in its Article 34. In principle, the state itself provides the ensuring of security in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia within the framework of its state security system.

In addition to the police, the national security system includes the corresponding judicial, supervisory and inspection bodies.

In areas where the state does not provide or can not provide security, it has therefore allowed the possibility of regulating the transfer of part of the security responsibilities to private entities.

The responsibilities include protection in a certain area, facility or space against illegal actions, damage or destruction by security personnel and technical security systems.

Private security is therefore a gainful economic activity that cannot be equated with tasks that fall within the scope of public security services, which is in the domain and competence of state authorities.

In my thesis I decided to compare the institutional arrangements for the transport and protection of cash and other valuable shipments between the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Serbia, with the goal to show the similarities and possible differences between a European Union (EU) Member State and a country, aspiring to gain the EU membership.

The regulation is surprisingly similar, which at least in this segment, indicates the early provisional actions of Serbia regarding the unification processes of its legislation with the legislation of the (EU). With the methods used, I tried to prove or refute the set hypotheses.

I designed my thesis in several continuous parts, where I first deal with basic concepts of the private security in general, normative regulation of private security in the Republic of Slovenia, normative regulation of private security in the Republic of Serbia, and then I undertook a comparative legal analysis of normative regulation in both countries, trying to find specific similarities and differences between the countries and present them.

Thesis paper Milan Novak


Thesis paper Milan Novak

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