Impact of active breaks on employees

Digital Marketing (HND) & Commerce (SCHE)

Študent: Lina Kompoš

Lina Kompoš is a graduate of Economist - Digital Marketing module (HND) and Commerce (VSŠ) at Academia. She successfully defended her thesis paper in June 2024.


Diploma paper Lina Kompoš

The promotion of workplace health is gaining traction in Slovenia, with many companies already implementing various activities and observing positive outcomes such as reduced sick leaves, increased employee motivation, better communication, and higher productivity.

My focus in diploma is on one aspect of workplace health promotion and that is: active breaks. These breaks involve organized interruptions during workday and work hours for physical exercises. Through a questionnaire, I examined how introducing active breaks at company X impacted its employees.

Survey results showed that over half of the company’s employees were familiar with workplace health promotion, and all participated in the active breaks. More than half reported being motivated by these breaks to adopt healthier lifestyles, including exercising more.

Additionally, the majority perceived positive effects on both their physical and mental well-being, as well as improvements in workplace dynamics like better communication and increased job satisfaction. Employees also used fewer sick days since the introduction of active breaks and recommended their continuation.

Good health is the basis for a successful life and work for both the individual and the organization. Caring for maintaining and improving the health of employees is reasonable, as healthy, and satisfied employees who work in a safe and stimulating work environment are more productive and creative.

Even an employer who offers a healthy and stimulating working environment is easier to hire high-quality staff and gain public reputation.

Many companies are witnessing the negative effects of stress on their employees, yet this issue often goes unaddressed until it significantly impacts performance and reputation of the company.

Active breaks offer a proactive solution by reducing employees stress and enhancing overall work experience, leading organizational leaders to increasingly prioritize health promotion initiatives.


Diploma paper Lina Kompoš


Diploma paper Lina Kompoš

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