The promotional campaign for the anniversary of the karate club

Graphic Design

Študent: Klara Tekavec

Klara Tekavecis a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in June2024.


Diploma paper Klara Tekavec

»The promotional campaign for the anniversary of the karate club«

The thesis addresses the development of a promotional campaign for the 20th anniversary of the Dren Leskovec Karate Club with the key objective being to acquire practical knowledge and skills in designing effective, appealing and useful marketing materials, particulary print media.

Within the framework of the campaign, I will be crafting a magazine, flyer, program booklet and brochure, alongside creating a social media advertisement, all aimed at contributing to the club’s promotion and attracting new members.

In exploring this topic, I will delve into the analysis of similar products and campaigns both in Slovenia and abroad, thereby gaining insight into contemporary trends and practices in the design of promotional materials within the sports context.

A significant aspect of the campaign design process involves close collaboration with the karate club, as I will gather the necessary information, visual, and textual assets for the effective execution of the project.

Through my work, I aim not only to acquire practical experience but also to contribute to enhancing the club’s visibility and encourage mutual cooperation and connection between club members.

The first part of the thesis will be theoretical. Here, I will explore all the necessary theory for creating a campaign and analyze market, both domestic and foreign. I will analyze the club and discuss the importance of selecting the right typography, colors and basic design elements.

I will compare and analyze various promotional materials, which will later aid me in choosing my own design style.

The second part of the thesis will be practical. I will describe the entire research and design process. I will start with the mindset pattern, SWOT analysis and conceptual designs. I will document the entire process from choosing colors, typography, visual and textual materials to the final design of all printed materials and social media advertisments.

I will explain the process and procedures of working in Adobe Creative Suite programs. I will also present the entire final campaign to the club and the local community. I will analyze and evaluate all their responses, comments. And opinions in the thesis as well.

The thesis represents a comprehensive process of development and implementation of a promotional campaign, encompassing both theoretical concepts and practical aspects of designing marketing materials. With this endeavor, I seek to enhance my theoretical and practical knowledge, enabling better prospects for my future career development within the industry.

You can check the student’s product in the video below:

Diploma paper Klara Tekavec


Diploma paper Klara Tekavec

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