Academia students and lecturer at the Business 4.0 Summer School in Bucharest

From 27 June to 1 July, a 5-day summer school on “Innovation and Intelligence Skills for Building Business 4.0” took place at POLITEHNICA University in Bucharest, Romania. The summer school was part of the Erasmus+ project Smart Skill 4.0, a 3-year project in which VSŠ Academia is a partner and in which partners from Greece (University of West Attica), Romania (University Politehnica of Bucharest), Italy (Inforelea Torino – consortium for adult education), S.C. Avantera srl – a consultancy company for strategic development) and Lithuania (Vilniaus Universitetas) are also participating.

Participants of the Academia Summer School were Sara Kink, Bojan Regvat and Tamara Bogosavac, students of Economics – Commerce module, Lucija Macuh, student of Media Production – Graphic Design module, and Žan Ul, student of Media Production – Video Production module. They were accompanied by lecturer Tanja Verhovnik, who also gave a lecture and workshop for all participants of the summer school entitled “How we lived and bought 20 years ago, and how we live today”, and Wei Ni Khaw, who took the photos.



With the growing need for new approaches such as digitisation of the workplace and intelligent skills to sustainably create a Business 4.0 (Business 4.0) environment, the project partners have invited their students to a 5-day training programme aimed at improving their readiness to tackle the complex issues of economic, environmental and social development.



The Smart Skill 4.0 Summer School in Bucharest aims to share experiences between five cultures (Romania, Italy, Slovenia, Lithuania and Greece) and an international environment that supports the exchange of good practices between students, teachers and trainers of the project partners. The programme of the summer school covered the main themes of technological development, innovation and growth in the digital economy, with thematic and practical lectures covering: Emerging technologies and Manufacturing 4.0, Industry 4.0 and complex societal issues, Digital Workplace and Business 4.0, Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship, and Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship 4.0.


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