Dig4Life closing meeting and conference in Lithuania

At the beginning of February 2023, two colleagues from the Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher education project office participated in the Erasmus+ partners’ meeting of the DIG4LIFE project, which focuses on the evaluation of teachers’ and students’ digital competencies through playing a computer game developed for this purpose.


The first part of the meeting, which took place in Klaipeda, Lithuania, was dedicated to the meeting of project partners from Italy (Università Roma Tre, Entropy Knowledge Network s.r.l.), Spain (University of Cadiz), Lithuania (Klaipeda University), Finland (Laurea university of applied sciences), Austria (FH JOANNEUM Graz) and Slovenia (VSŠ Academia).

The meeting started with a summary of the key results of the project, which included a review of research on the state of digital competencies in the education sector in the EU, the development of a computer game (a game designed with a learning purpose beyond entertainment), the preparation of evaluation questionnaires for it, and the testing of the game in each of the project partner countries. The final tasks and the final project report were then agreed and the conference, which took place the following day, was discussed.



The conference ‘Digital for literacy and future education’ was aimed at informing more than 200 teachers from Klaipeda and other Lithuanian cities about the results of the DIG4LIFE project. It included a presentation of the concept of the so-called ‘Interactive Game’, a computer game developed within the project, and the possibility of its implementation in the teaching process of the participating schools. The program also touched upon several other topics


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