Erasmus+ Digital Entrepreneurship Training From Zero To Hero at VSŠ Academia

From the 3rd to the 14th of April 2023, VSŠ Academia hosted Digital Entrepreneurship Training. During eight free sessions, a group of eight participants pilot-tested live an online course developed within the EU-funded Erasmus+ project F02H (From Zero to Hero).


Through the sessions, participants gained competences to develop their digital entrepreneurial path, improve their employability and facilitate their social inclusion The course covered the basic knowledge pillars for digital entrepreneurship, such as:

  1. The advantages and pitfalls of digital entrepreneurship (determination, risk-taking, empathy, exposure, heroism-leadership).
  2. The basics of modern technologies (technical basics and how computers and the Internet work, the impact and use of computers on the business world).
  3. Creating a successful business plan.
  4. Use of digital tools and gadgets.
  5. Principles of sales, marketing and communication strategy.
  6. Legal forms of companies and procedures for setting up.
  7. Techniques and tools for effective time and task management.



The participants, who come from different cultural and economic backgrounds, were invited to the programme in cooperation with the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia, Maribor Regional Office. Each meeting also offered time for discussion and gathering feedback on the effectiveness of the online course. Upon completion of the training, participants received a certificate.

Similar pilot tests were also carried out in Tussa (Italy) and Castellon (Spain) in April 2023, where the training was delivered by the project partners – the lead Ideamtia from Spain and New Horizons from Italy. Feedback from participants in all three pilot trainings will be used to build on and improve the online course. Once updated on the website, it will be available free of charge for those who are just starting or want to start their digital entrepreneurship journey.

Through the course, the project partners aim to reduce the digital and technological “gap” that many talented entrepreneurial-minded individuals face today.


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