Félicia Tatiana Ruth Dieudonné on Erasmus+ student exchange from Mauritius

Media production

Félicia Tatiana Ruth Dieudonné is a student at the University of Mauritius, who attended the Project Work in Online Production course as a student at VSŠ Academia from the beginning of March 2023 until the end of July 2023, through an Erasmus+ student exchange, and undertook practical training in collaboration with the school’s international office.

It’s been a while since we talked to student Tatiana about our first impressions of Maribor, Slovenia and the Erasmus+ exchange programme. As she says, Slovenia has had a really good impact on her life; the personal growth and transformation during her time on the exchange have been truly amazing.

“When I arrived in Maribor, I was filled with both joy and fear. As a student from Mauritius, the culture shock was very difficult for me at first, but on the other hand, Slovenia showed me how accepting other cultures can shape us in a great way.”

She considers her new-found self-confidence to be one of the key ingredients that has changed her. Difficulties adjusting to a new country and immersion in a different culture pushed her out of her comfort zone, but once she overcame the initial culture shock, she became more confident and open. In addition, her experience in Slovenia broadened her worldview. A diverse network of friends from all over the world helped her to gain a broader understanding of different cultures, opinions and traditions. She believes that through interesting conversations, shared experiences and learning from each other, she has gained a greater appreciation for the beauty of diversity.

“Slovenia’s beautiful landscapes and rich history have stayed with me for a long time. From exploring the beautiful streets of Maribor to travelling to neighbouring cities such as Ljubljana, Celje and Ptuj, each area has its own unique appeal.”

Together with Tamara Bogosavac, a student of the Economist programme, they also had the great opportunity to visit a number of media organisations as part of their practical training at the Academia. They visited RTV Maribor, BK TV, Radio City and TV Ptuj. These visits gave them an insight into the world of broadcasting and media production.

They were excited to observe behind-the-scenes processes and to network with experts in the field, adding that the practical training equipped her with invaluable professional skills and experience; working on Erasmus+ website projects, collaborating with a skilled team and contributing to international office projects sharpened Tatiana’s talents and developed her passion for computer programming.

At the end of her stay in Slovenia, Tatiana emphasizes the positive impact of the exchange, which changed her life. The relationships she built, the memories she made, and the personal growth she achieved will last a lifetime. She would like to express her sincere gratitude to the wonderful staff of VSŠ Academie. She adds that their guidance, encouragement, and constant dedication played an important role in creating an experience that was remarkable.

She is also grateful to her colleagues and friends Dorcas Chepkirui and Tamara Bogosavac, whose friendship, support, and countless memories shared together made Tatiana’s time in Slovenia truly unforgettable and her experience all the more meaningful because of the shared adventures and new bonds.


“Slovenia has really turned me into the best version of myself. It has given me perseverance, cultural awareness and the importance of exploring new things. The adventurous spirit, curiosity and confidence that I have gained from this exchange programme will continue to influence my future. Slovenia will always hold a special place in my heart, as it reminds me of the incredible personal growth and positive impact that wandering outside our comfort zones can bring.

Thank you, Slovenia, for all the memories and lessons that have shaped me into the person I have become.”

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