From Zero to Hero final partners meeting in Tusa, Sicily

From the 24th to the 27th of April 2023, an important final meeting of the partners of the EU-funded ERASMUS+ project From Zero to Hero (F02H) took place in Tusa, Sicily. Ideamtia from Spain is leading the project and partners from Slovenia and Italy are also participating in the partnership.

The 30-month F02H project carried out a large-scale survey on the digital and technological challenges people face starting their digital entrepreneurial journey. Based on the findings, seven training modules have been developed to address the digital and technology skills gaps of individuals who want to embark on their entrepreneurial journey.



The developed training modules were pilot-tested in three countries – Maribor (Slovenia), Tusa (Italy), and Castellon (Spain) – at the beginning of April 2023. A final meeting of the partners was held to exchange experiences and feedback on the pilot training and to identify opportunities for upgrading and improving the online training.



During the meeting, the partners also had the opportunity to present their achievements to the Mayor of Tusa, who expressed his enthusiasm and support for the efforts to promote digital entrepreneurship.



The F02H training programme is available free of charge on the website and is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their digital and entrepreneurial competencies. The achievements and results of the project are an important step towards promoting entrepreneurship in the digital age and bridging the gap between people entering the world of digital entrepreneurship.


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