Graphic design instructor Aron Costa de Moraes from Brazil successfully completes his internship at the Academia

Graphic Design

At the end of April, Aron Costa de Moraes, a graphic design instructor from Brazil, who has been doing a professional internship at the Academia as part of his postgraduate studies, will say goodbye to the Media Production programme at Academia.

Although Maribor is very different from where I live in Brazil, I got used to it very quickly and very well. Maribor is a smaller and quieter city, but at the same time it is close to everything you need: cinema, restaurants of all kinds, entertainment, gym, clothes shops, university, supermarkets, pharmacies. I think Maribor is a great city for students, both local and foreign exchange students.


During my stay in this city, I quickly noticed the large number of students from foreign countries who came to the city as part of the Erasmus+ student exchange programme, and I think this factor is very important for all students who are still considering an exchange abroad, as it allows them to get to know different cultures. During my stay in this city, I have made friends from Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, Finland and Portugal.


Academija is also an excellent school for those who want to study media production, offering facilities and tools with all the necessary materials to study photography, audio and video production, web production and graphic design.

Slovenia offers many interesting tourist destinations. I also had the opportunity to travel around the country with a group of Erasmus students and I have to admit that Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries I have seen. We visited some of the major cities in the country and at the same time saw the famous tourist spots in these areas. Piran is a charming city that I recommend to all foreigners visiting the coastal part of the country!

Enjoy Maribor! It’s a wonderful city with great wine, very charming restaurants and cafés, and a great place for students because of the blending of different cultures.

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