In Aveiro, Academia trains teaching staff to integrate international students in the education process

From 5 – 9 February 2024, VSŠ Academie representatives – Nuša Slukan, Aleksandra Saška Gruden and Natalija Žunko – participated in the ERASMUS+ project Keys!, which took place in Aveiro, Portugal.


The training was attended by 35 representatives of vocational education and training from 9 European countries (Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia). The openness of the organisers and the international participation offered many opportunities to get to know a different way of working, thinking and living.

Participants got an insight into an online tool that helps educators to develop key competences of young people (migrants, foreigners) for successful integration into education and social environment.

An inspiring perspective on education that can change lives, especially of vulnerable groups of young people, was provided by a lecture by a psychologist from Escola Professional de Aveiro, the professional school hosting the training.



The “Learning Café” was an opportunity for educators to delve deeper into learning portfolios and their usefulness for learners, educational institutions and employers. The study visit to the Qualifica Centre provided invaluable insights into the practice of identifying and recognising the competences of migrants and foreigners.



The training experience empowered participants with tools to help them cope with challenges and understand and work with the needs of migrants/international students. Academia’s teaching staff gained valuable personal contacts, information and tools to help them use the new teaching materials and practical exercises. It is crucial that international students are able to integrate into the education, work and socialisation process as quickly as possible.

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