Lama Mahafza, Professor of Architecture and Design at the Jordan University of Science and Technology, on Erasmus+ mobility in Slovenia

As part of the Erasmus+ staff mobility, VSŠ Academia hosted Lama Mahafza, a young professor in Architecture and Design at the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST). During the staff mobility, Ms. Mahafza was a guest of the University of Science and Technology of Jordan (JUST). During her staff mobility, Ms. Mahafza not only explored the city of Maribor but also visited the country’s capital and Lake Bled.

Upon arrival in Maribor, the opening day of staff mobility they started with a meeting of Erasmus+ staff at the renowned international office of the VSŠ Academie. Professor Mahafza’s mobility coincided with the presence of two administrators from Mauritius. Together, they attended a cordial welcome followed by an informative tour of the school. The tour was followed by a meeting with the Board of Directors, who ably outlined a series of cooperation initiatives between the European Union and several partner countries, including Jordan and Mauritius, highlighting the common objectives and the central role of the European Union in promoting fruitful cooperation.

After a productive meeting, the associated group enjoyed a pleasant and hospitable lunch prepared in one of Maribor’s best restaurants. The culinary experience offered a range of tasty dishes that further enriched the mobility.




The next day, we travelled to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, where we spent two days. Ljubljana is a vibrant city with a rich array of historical wonders, enchanting artistic treasures and an exciting atmosphere. As a member of the Erasmus mobility staff from Jordan, I found it easy to integrate into a diverse and inclusive community that fosters an environment of intercultural exchange and mutual respect.



Ms. Mahafza met Mitja Miklavčič, instructor of the course Project Work in Graphic Design of the Media Production – Graphic Design module of the VSŠ Academie and a renowned expert in the field of typographic design in the region. According to him, their meeting enabled an interesting exchange of experiences and insights in the field of type and graphic design. In addition, under the expert guidance of Mr. Miklavčič, they went on a famous excursion around Ljubljana, where they visited renowned galleries and museums showcasing the craftsmanship associated with the Gutenberg-style type industry.




On the second day, our route took us on an extraordinary trip to the idyllic Lake Bled, often described as a fairytale oasis. This enchanting lake, just a stone’s throw from Ljubljana, is a true pearl among Slovenia’s natural wonders and captivates visitors with its beauty.


First, there was a visit to the Higher Vocational School for Hospitality, Wellness and Tourism Bled, where the group met mag. Peter Mihelčič, Director of GVT Bled. The discussion covered a wide range of topics including the organization of the school, curriculum development, enrolment procedures, projects, and financial development. The group was then given an extensive tour of the institution, a presentation of the various facilities available to students, and received valuable insight into their methods of interaction with students.




We set off to explore the unspoilt beauty of Lake Bled. This picturesque lake, located in the middle of the Alpine world, exudes a peaceful atmosphere, and its enchanting charm is further enhanced by a charming island, adorned by a magnificent church and surrounded by the famous Bled Castle.



On the last day, the group returned to Maribor, where they spent the rest of the day exploring the city.

Coincidentally, my visit coincided with the start of the much-anticipated Lent Festival, which added an extra layer of excitement to my experience. Immersed in the lively atmosphere, I wandered around the city for a long time, enjoying the many interesting events taking place during the festival – from entertaining performances to exciting celebrations!


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