Lecturer in Media Production at a professional training programme at Production Type, a Paris-based digital type design company

Within the Erasmus+ programme, which supports further training opportunities for employees in education, Mitja Miklavčič, an instructor in the course Project Work in Graphic Design of the Media Production – Graphic Design module of the higher education study programme, took part in a professional training course at the Production Type company from Paris.

Production Type specialises in the production of original typefaces and typographic imagery for clients from a wide range of industries. The company is headquartered in Paris and Shanghai. Its activities range from the exclusive online distribution of its retail typefaces for designers to the creation of custom typefaces for the industrial, luxury and media sectors. The company has managed to become globally recognized in a very short space of time, with particularly good success in the Chinese market, where the studio also has an office.

Production Type demonstrates its outstanding quality and professionalism with successfully completed projects covering a wide range of clients such as design agencies, publishing houses, media houses, brands and more. Their typefaces have been used in many world-renowned publications, advertisements, logos and other communication materials.


The four-day training process focused mainly on peer exchange and on the experience of working on complex reference projects. Examples of good practice were used to discuss current trends and trends in visual communication, with a focus on typographic design (variable typefaces, colour typography, etc.). A significant amount of time was also devoted to a critical comparison of type design tools and quality control of the final products.

We also had the rare opportunity to learn about working on complex projects related to the Chinese language world and the specificities associated with it. As both the founder and head of Production Type Jean-Baptiste Levée and the lecturer Mitja Miklavčič lecture at higher education institutions (Academia Maribor and Institut Français de la Mode Paris), a certain part of the training was also dedicated to comparing the teaching work at both institutions.


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