Media Production graduate Karin Žlebir on practical training in Prague

Karin Žlebir, a recent graduate of Academia’s Media Production – Graphic Design module, went to Prague, Czech Republic, for a practical training at Happy Mortals s.r.o., a visual studio with artists from all over the world, thanks to the Erasmus+ programme.

Karin chose Prague as the location for her practical training because she had a strong desire to experience something new, something different from her usual environment. Prague has always attracted her with its history, architecture and beautiful streets. So she set out on this new chapter of her life, full of anticipation and excitement. The first day was full of excitement and slight nervousness, but she soon realised that she had fallen in love with Prague at first sight.

“From the very first day I met my roommates, who have become part of my life here. I knew this year would be full of meeting new people and discovering new cultures. Prague is known for its people being reserved at first, but once you get to know them better, you realise that they are extremely friendly and welcoming. This relationship between reticence and warmth was unique for me.”


The first week was spent mostly exploring the city. Together with the new friends she made during the exchange, they explored the wonderful hidden corners of Prague that are not listed in the tourist guides. She says she was captivated by the city and its culture. While getting lost in its beautiful streets, she was also becoming part of this extraordinary community. Every day they embarked on a new adventure, exploring the picturesque neighbourhoods, admiring the art installations and getting lost in streets full of history and beautiful architecture.

In addition to the daily activities, they also set out to explore Prague’s nightlife, which is definitely different from what they are used to in Slovenia. The city streets came alive at night, and the cosy ambiences of bars, clubs and restaurants fascinated them. She learned that Prague transforms at night into a lively and playful city where you never know what will happen next.

“My first exchange gave me the opportunity to experience something completely new and different from my normal life. During the exchange I met amazing people from different parts of the world who became part of my everyday life. We explored the city together, learned from each other and shared experiences that enriched us.”

There is no doubt that after the first month, her stay here has already brought her many unforgettable moments that she will never forget. She is looking forward to the next few months of the exchange and the new experiences that await them in this wonderful city. The exchange in Prague has opened a door to a world she will never forget and she cannot wait to experience more unforgettable moments in this amazing city.


“Prague is already in her heart and she is sure that she will carry her experience in this beautiful city with her throughout her life.”

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