SmartSkills 4.0 – project partners meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania

The Erasmus+ SmartSkills 4.0 project partners meeting “Promoting forward-thinking through sustainable knowledge and best practices in education and training” took place from 6-10 June 2022 at Kaunas University, Vilnius, Lithuania.

During the four-day SmartSkills 4.0 training, project partners from Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, and Greece renewed the content and analyzed the results of the previous meetings. The agenda of this year’s training included strengthening the development of high-quality teaching and training resources needed to foster digital and cognitive competencies and to create a richer learning environment fostered by the exchange of knowledge on different topics related to sustainable development and learning scenarios.




The aim of the training is to improve the understanding of Business 4.0 in the teaching and learning process, to increase the motivation of participants to learn about the possibilities for innovation and environmental sustainability in their own communities, to improve the links between education and the workplace, and to provide real learning resources on a variety of subjects related to sustainable development.





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