Staff mobility at Academia VSŠ: Dr Bourhan Tashtoush, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Jordan University of Science and Technology

VSŠ Academia hosted Dr. Bourhan Mohammad Tashtoush, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Jordan University of Science and Technology, ranked in the top 2% of scientists in the world by Stanford University, through the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility. During his mobility in Maribor, Dr. Tashtoush also lectured on “Good practices and projects in the field of renewable and sustainable energy in Jordan”.


“It was a pleasure to visit Slovenia, more specifically the city of Maribor, on a cultural and academic visit. Maribor is a beautiful city, situated between the Drava River and Pohorje and offering many outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking and mountain trails. The city is also home to the oldest grapevine in the world, which adds to its rich history and cultural significance.”


On Monday, 13 March 2023, Dr. Tashtoush visited the Academia, where he was welcomed by Nina Gaube, Head of the International Office, and was given a tour of the premises and lecture rooms of the College, as well as an insight into the study programs. He says it was inspiring to see the dedication and passion of the academic staff in providing quality education to their students. He also gave a guest lecture on good practices and renewable energy projects in Jordan. Seeing the interest and commitment of the academic staff and students on this topic was gratifying.”



This was followed by a visit to AVL, where Dr. Ivo Prah presented the company’s main activities. AVL is a leading provider of engineering solutions and services in the automotive industry, so it was interesting to learn about their research and development activities. The next day it started with a visit to ENERGAP, the Energy and Climate Agency for Sub-Saharan Europe, where Dr. Vlasta Krmelj presented the areas of activity. It is an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable energy solutions and combating climate change.


“My visit to the Academy and the various organisations in Maribor was very enriching and inspiring. It was fascinating to observe the dedication and commitment of academics and industry professionals in their work, which has a positive impact on society and the environment. I look forward to working with these organisations in the future and sharing ideas and knowledge.”


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