The first meeting of the Erasmus+ project DSA: Digital Skills for All, in Italy

During the 11 to the 13th of October 2021, a representative from Academia’s international office joined the first transnational project meeting of the project DSA: Digital Skills for All in Città di Castello, Italy.

The DSA project is a European-funded project whose aim is to boost digital and ICT soft skills in educators from five different countries: Romania, Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia.

To achieve this, several pieces of training with the shape of “formative-pills” will take place in Spain and Slovenia, together with international coordinating meetings in Romania, Italy, Spain, and Croatia.

During the stay in Italy, a deeper understanding of the project was achieved by the presentation and structuring of the different actions and activities, dissemination planning, and discussion of the backgrounds of every partner.

Special attention was given to how each partner copes with Learning Diversity in students and how it is addressed in different countries, including the support and procedures to assist students.

The program also included networking opportunities such as cultural city tours and a visit to a nearby cultural center.

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