CEO of Proline Safeguarding Vulnet Sadiku

Security Engineering

As part of the Cooperation with other security entities course of the Security higher education study program, we were visited by Mr. Vulnet Sadiku, Director of Proline Safeguarding Ltd. and a licensed private detective.

The guest lecture by Mr Sadiku gave the students an insight into the detective business and the importance of cooperation with other security entities. In addition to his extensive career in the detective business, Mr Sadiku is also a director of Proline Safeguarding Ltd., a company offering a multi-faceted private security service. He presented the detective activity in the broader context of security and emphasized its important role in ensuring the security of individuals and companies.

The students were able to learn about different aspects of detective work, such as investigating crimes, searching for missing persons, and carrying out security checks and background checks on individuals. In addition, Mr. Sadiku stressed the importance of detectives working in cooperation with other security entities such as the police, security services, and other organizations working in the field of security.

Through practical examples, he showed the students how detective work complements other security measures and how the joint work of different security actors can contribute to more effective protection of people and property. The students were thus provided with concrete information and insight into the work of detectives and their role in the wider context of the security industry.


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