Transmedia Design Masterclass in Budapest by Sara Božanić, instructor at VSŠ Academia Maribor

Graphic Design

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree “DOC NOMADS” (EMJMD) in Documentary Filmmaking, run by a group of three renowned European universities from three countries: ULHT – Lusófona University (Lisbon, Portugal), SZFE – University of Theatre and Film Arts (Budapest, Hungary) and LUCA – School of Arts / College Sint Lukas (Brussels, Belgium), Sara Božanić, Graphic Design Instructor at Academia Maribor, gave a masterclass lecture on transmedia design and in-depth non-fiction storytelling.

A two-day series of masterclasses entitled “DOC NOMADS ACADEMY” was held in Budapest. Internationally renowned directors, producers and researchers shared their experience and practice in talks and debates, and attended workshops on the topic. This year the focus was on non-fiction transmedia storytelling.

The “Brave New Narratives” masterclass, led by Sara, aimed to explore how documentary filmmakers can use new formats of mass media and narrative to activate difference and provoke audience interaction. The session drew on participants’ skills and experience in the construction of immersive narratives, audience development and the use of new media. Participants were involved in the process of writing immersive scripts, participatory creation, distribution and funding of such works.

Sara Božanić is a designer, Director of the Institute for Transmedia Design, whose large-scale collaborative projects focus on education and inclusion. She inhabits ideas in different media and platforms as a means of collaboration, using co-production as a form of collective action that encourages a diverse audience to think critically and act creatively.

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