Low-Carbon corporate identity

Graphic Design

Študent: Luka Knez

Luka Knez is a graduate of the Media Production study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in December 2023.


Diploma paper Luka Knez

In today’s climate change world, reducing the carbon footprint is one of the key priorities for most industrial sectors. Graphic design is no exception, as the processes of designing printed materials, packaging and other graphic elements are closely linked to many of the sources and processes that contribute to environmental problems.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that graphic design adopts sustainable approaches that will help to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to the conservation of the world’s increasingly scarce natural resources.

In my thesis I will explore low-carbon integrated graphic design. I will explore and explain the difference between paper and electronic versions of the CGP manual and evaluate the cost savings of using modern technologies. In addition to studying the theoretical foundations, I will apply the theses in a practical implementation using the example of the company Catapult and evaluate the success of such an approach.

In doing so, I will also show the significant advantages of using new technologies compared to existing ones. I will show that the use of new technologies contributes significantly to the preservation of the environment and, on the other hand, that a company following these guidelines can also improve its performance.

I will show that the introduction of eco-CGP is the only way forward and why the industry should make it a standard practice.

In addition to eco-awareness, I will argue that, by using modern technologies, a company can make progress in business, that work can be more efficient and faster, and that the new principles allow a much better overview of the resources used. With the brand guide itself, I will show the level of interaction that makes it easier to use.

In my thesis I will describe the process of creating the overall graphic design, logo design, choice of colours, typography, show many examples of the modern use of elements and compare them with classical solutions. I will describe how the ideas were implemented and what the process of educating the client about the correct uses looks like.

Diploma paper Luka Knez


Diploma paper Luka Knez

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