Physical protection of ocean-going cargo ships against modern piracy

Security Engineering

Študent: Ana Gomzi

Ana Gomzi is a graduate of the Security Engineering programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in November 2023.


Diploma paper Ana Gomzi

Throughout the history of men, piracy has always been a great problem in the field of maritime logistics routes. Namely, piracy deeds with anything but a good intention, once they have stopped the cargo ship and managed to get on it, bring negative consequences for all participating representatives.

Therefore, the people who are employed in logistics or the people responsible for the safe passage of orders and customers who may not receive their orders or may receive them very late. To prevent such and other inconveniences from happening and to ensure that everything goes according to the set goals, a very successful security service comes into play, followed by other security entities with which it can cooperate, which is necessary.

The security service, which has earned the great honor of guarding at a high level of risk and threat, is expected to carry out security during loading, the route, and unloading. It must have excellent security tactics, all the necessary equipment of both security guards, as well as video surveillance, and perfectly prepared security guards, both physically and mentally, since this is mainly about physical security.

A security engineer who is employed in this chosen security service must know the security terrain very well to be able to prepare a security plan, adequately assess the level of risk and threat by consulting the ship’s captain on all possible routes and technical data regarding the ship. He selects technical protection equipment and determine the installation and implementation of physical security in detail. He also carefully selects equipment for such technical protection.

He also specifies special intercommunication and attack or accident measures. The security guards, who are placed in specific positions, must be mentally and physically prepared. They must be aware of their rights and duties as security personnel. If the security service wants to prevent pirate attacks on a protected cargo ship, they must also know some of their tactics, the equipment, and capabilities of the boats, the mother ships, and the equipment carried by the pirates so that they can react appropriately and tactically in their favor.

As technology and humanity in general advance, so does organized crime or, in this case, piracy. Namely, we must realize that piracy is our reality and a great danger that lurks both on cargo ships and cruise ships in the world’s seas and oceans.

As it seems now, it will be necessary to invest a lot of effort and resources in the suppression of this type of crime, which soon turned from mythology and fairy tales into a cruel reality all over the world.


Diploma paper Ana Gomzi


Diploma paper Ana Gomzi

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