Vpliv sprememb ameriškega filmskega razvoja na upodabljanje nasilja v filmih in z njim povezana dobičkonosnost filmskih industrij

Video Production

Študent: Melani Recek

Melani Recek is a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in September2022.


Diploma paper Melani Recek

The influence of American film development on the depiction of violence in films and the related profitability of the film industry, refers to the topic of violence through the development of the American film industry and related profitability.

The central theme of the thesis is analyzing violence throughout the history of Hollywood, the development and progression of films that are related to violence and the profitability of the film industry, as well as the importance of violence to this day.

The aim of the work is to find out whether development of the violence to this day is still a product for the profitability of the film industry and whether anything has changed. I was especially interested in the opinion of the viewers who answered the questions in the survey.

To find answers to my questions I analyzed two movies, that I have selected, and are good examples that help me show violence progression through the history.   So I have selected a movie from the past, a classic Bonnie and Clyde from the year (1967) and John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017), a movie from the near present, which, according to some research, was produced in the most violent year in the American film industry. This means that this year, in particular, there were films that were more aggressive, more violent, and that there was more of violence in the movies than usually.

I found out that the purpose of the film industry is not just to entertain people with movies, as it used to be, but among other things it is very important for it, to generate as much profit as possible.

Profitability is partly what helped the development of the American film industry, but most of the profits definitely do not go forward into the development of the film. The violence shown in movies today, definitely does not have the same meaning as it once had. In the past, they wanted to shock people with displays of violence, and they achieved that.

Nowadays, people watch it strictly for entertainment, without the sense of horror and fear that viewers once did. Gone are the days when people were horrified, rushed out of theaters, or even suffered heart attacks when watching more brutal scenes.

Now, violence in movies is added as an attraction, easy to entertain, to show action. We, the viewers, are the ones who choose what is a good or bad film for us. Based on research and the fact that 90 percent of American movies contain at least some kind of violence, we can understand that on average, movies that show a lot of violence are also very good for profit.

Iz osebnega življenja je bila vzeta izkušnja s snemanja kratkega filma Grad na Goričkem, ki sem ga posnela in zmontirala sama. V montaži sem uporabila črno-beli filter, glasba ter zvočni efekti so bili skrbno izbrani s pomočjo spletne knjižnice, ki je na Artlist.io.

The aim of the short film was to film the different props that people used in the castle in the past for their daily life. The purpose of the short film is to give the props a different meaning with a musical background and added sound effects. The final product is intended to have an impact on the viewer, evoking fear, discomfort and anticipation of what will happen next.

The film intensifies the discomfort and the ending is reassuring, as in all the violent films I have touched upon in my thesis. In most cases, viewers who have seen the film have given a response of fear and discomfort. Above all, they had the feeling that the props were alive and scary.

The soundtrack and the sound effects were what raised their adrenaline of interest and anticipation. This confirmed my aim for the product and the thesis, as the media can have a very good impact on the viewer through what is shown and heard. It is up to the individuals how they react to it.

Diploma paper Melani Recek


Diploma paper Melani Recek

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