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Successful Autumn Tech School in cooperation with Povio and Skupnost VSŠ

In October, Academia VSŠ organised and hosted the Autumn IT School (Autum Tech School) in cooperation with Povio and Skupnsot VSS. The event was an important follow-up to the success of the first Erasmus+ Short Intensive Programme (SIP) that Academia implemented at the end of June. The second KIP organised by our institution, the Autumn […]

Academia students get hands-on experience at Belgrade Education Fair

Academia students get hands-on experience at Belgrade Education FairIn October 2023, Acadeima VSŠ was given the exciting opportunity to work with the Skupnost VSŠ under the Erasmus+ program. VSŠ Academia students Medina Jahić, Tamara Bogosavac, Marko Jovanovski, Žan Kac and Andrej Brezo have been selected for an 11-day practical training in Serbia. Their task was […]

Dorcas Chepkirui on her practical training experience at VSŠ Academia

Dorcas Chepkirui is a student of Public Administration at Mersin University, Turkey, who has completed her practical training as an Erasmus+ Project Assistant at VSŠ Academia from the beginning of June until October 2023 through an Erasmus+ student exchange. Dorcas had an exceptional experience during her Erasmus+ practical training at VSŠ Academia, which not only […]

Sales promotion in company X

Nowadays, we encounter sales practically at every turn, whether it is the sale of goods in a store, whether it is the sale of services or, after all, we are selling “ourselves” in order to achieve approval or confirmation from relatives, employers, colleagues or strangers. Due to the importance of sales itself, tools have been […]

Guest lecture by Miha Ajster, Maintenance Manager of the Pohorje funicular

In the course Technical Regulations and Product Design of the Mechanical Engineering programme, we hosted Mr. Miha Ajster, Maintenance Manager at the Pohorska funicular railway, who is also a graduate of our Mechanical Engineering programme, and who took 1st place with his diploma thesis at the national competition of the 29th Technical Consultation of Maintenance […]

Training for Innovative Teaching: Advancing Online Education with the D-ChallengHE Project

Academia is one of the partners of the Erasmus+ D-ChallengHE project, which aims to foster connectivity among higher education systems and address their digital transformation. The project promotes innovation in learning and teaching practices with the goal of creating a more interconnected and innovative environment for higher education. In September 2023, the Greek project partner, […]

Opening of the exhibition Disco School of (Co)Habitation with curator Sara Božanić

Have you ever wondered what the future of our cities would look like if they were run by children? On 12 October, the exhibition Disco School, which brings together 8 schools from Austria, Slovenia, France, and Chile, opened at the Vinylograph Gallery in Vienna. Teachers, artists and children from Firmin, Murska Sobota, Vienna, and Valparaiso […]

eVETBikes: Learning about electric bikes for a greener future

Electric vehicles have become an inevitable part of modern technology and our daily lives. Before electric cars became so popular, we were already seeing a quiet but increasingly important trend – electric bicycles. At first glance, electric bicycles seem to be a simple replacement for traditional bicycles, but they have a number of specific needs […]

Designing a digital character and illustrated environment for a video game

In my thesis I discuss some of the visual elements that are important in video game production. I look in detail at the creation of the main character, the concept of backgrounds, the animation of running and jumping and the illustrated cover for the video game. In the first chapter I focus on the history […]

Artificial light in photography and its effect on the viewer

White light as we see it is actually made up of photons of different wavelengths, which our eyes perceive as different colors. Isaac Newton proved this with his experiments. But Newton wasn’t sure if light was made of particles or waves. Thomas Young showed in 1802 that light can also be an electromagnetic wave. Visible […]