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The challenges of e-invoices and posting to cost centres in the enterprise

In my thesis, I address the challenges of electronic invoicing and posting by cost center. By using electronic invoicing, a company can improve its business processes and increase productivity and efficiency. I have used professional literature to write my thesis. The purpose of this is to provide a solid theoretical basis for understanding the concepts […]

Accommodation Fratoria

GTR d. o. o. is a company from Gornja Radgona that specialises in the production of food and the sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Due to its convenient location – in the city centre next to the regional road leading to neighbouring Austria, and due to the increased demand for accommodation in the city, […]

Production of heat exchanger

In the company where I work, we manufacture various pressure vessels and tanks made of stainless steel and special materials. The company is largely self-sufficient, which means that we manufacture the entire product in our own facility, from construction, cutting, welding to mechanical processing and various surface treatments (pickling, passivation, sandblasting, varnishing). We are aware […]

Transport and security of cash and other valuables in euro area Member States – a comparison between the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Austria

The activity of private security includes the protection of life, personal safety and property of people in the protected area, as well as the protection of movable and immovable property, which is carried out by security personnel and technical security systems. The legislation defines that private security can only be provided by a business company […]

Physical protection of ocean-going cargo ships against modern piracy

Throughout the history of men, piracy has always been a great problem in the field of maritime logistics routes. Namely, piracy deeds with anything but a good intention, once they have stopped the cargo ship and managed to get on it, bring negative consequences for all participating representatives. Therefore, the people who are employed in […]

Media Production graduate Karin Žlebir on practical training in Prague

Karin Žlebir, a recent graduate of Academia’s Media Production – Graphic Design module, went to Prague, Czech Republic, for a practical training at Happy Mortals s.r.o., a visual studio with artists from all over the world, thanks to the Erasmus+ programme. Karin chose Prague as the location for her practical training because she had a […]

Graphic design student Lucija Macuh on practical training at ECU in Paris

Lucija Macuh, a student of the Media Production – Graphic Design module, went to Paris, France, with the help of the Erasmus+ program, specifically for practical training at the ECU (European Indipended Film Festival), an organization that organizes an annual festival dedicated to independent film.   The beginning of October offered Lucie Macuh a unique […]