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Studio XO Director Alen Damjanović

As part of the Media Production Programme’s Media Production Organisation and Management course, we hosted Alen Damjanovic, director of Studio XO, a group of filmmakers, animators, and marketing experts who share a passion for telling stories that captivate and engage audiences. On Tuesday, 07/05/2024, students of the course Organisation and Management of Media Production had […]

Introducing a new brand to the market

The selection of the research project is practical, as we are currently launching a new brand in the Slovenian market at Avtotehna Oprema d.o.o. In the twenty-first century, competitiveness and competition in both the domestic and global markets have become extremely ruthless. Battles are fought among competitors, whose product is superior, of higher quality, what […]

Terracotta hapiness – A photographic documentary series

With my diploma thesis, I delved into my favorite genre of photography – documentary photography. In the assignment, I first focus on the history and theory of this genre only. I present the first important documentarians, without whom modern documentary photography would never exist. I have by no means forgotten the works of great Slovenian […]

Director of ENERGAP and Mayor of Selnica ob Dravi Dr Vlasta Krmelj

As part of the course Balance Sheet Analysis with Audit of the Economist – Accountant module of the study program, on 24 April 2024 we hosted a guest lecture by Dr. Vlasta Krmelj, Mayor of Selnia ob Dravi and Director of ENERGAP d.o.o., the energy climate agency for the Podravje region. The main chapter of […]

Robotic Process Automation Consultant at FANUC Adria d.o.o. Andrej Zidar

On 25 April 2024, Andrej Zidar, Robotic Process Automation Consultant at FANUC Adria d.o.o., a leading company in the field of industrial and smart automation (controllers, CNC machines and robots), gave a guest lecture in the Technology course of the Mechanical Engineering study programme. On Thursday, 25 April 2024, VSŠ Academia hosted an extremely informative […]

Commercialization of sales and cost of maintenance and use of electrical Vehicle

The purpose of the thesis is to present electric vehicles and check how these vehicles are sold on the market. The purpose was also to present how electric vehicles are used what the costs are for their maintenance and at which charging stations they can be charged. As the cost of vehicle maintenance increases every […]