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Adrenaline sports filming techniques

In my thesis, I delve into an overview of filming practices crucial in capturing extreme sports. The theoretical part of my work is an explanation of the history of sports films, with a focus on the development of extreme sports and their role in cinematic art. I’ve analyzed the evolution of filming techniques, highlighting their […]

Owner of OPSEN solar power plants d.o.o. Davorin Korpar and Bee SMART CEO Benjamin Pregl

As part of the Sales course of the higher education study programme Economist – Digital Marketing & Commercialist module and the Commercialist module, we hosted Davorin Korpar, owner of OPSEN d.o.o., a young company focused and specialised in the energy sector, and Benjamin Pregel, director of Bee SMART d.o.o., a company active in the development […]

Engrotuš Head of Trade Marketing and Head of the Vozim Institute Leonida Pevec

In the scope of the course Organisation and Management of Media Production of the higher education study program Media Production, we host ed Ms. Leonida Pevec, Head of Trade Marketing at Engrotuš d.o.o. and Head of the Vozim Institute, whose beginnings are related to traffic safety, but today they are active in the field of […]

CEO of Proline Safeguarding Vulnet Sadiku

As part of the Cooperation with other security entities course of the Security higher education study program, we were visited by Mr. Vulnet Sadiku, Director of Proline Safeguarding Ltd. and a licensed private detective. The guest lecture by Mr Sadiku gave the students an insight into the detective business and the importance of cooperation with other […]

Senior Product Designer at 3FS Igor Štumberger

As part of the Prototyping course of the Computer Science – Application Development module, we host edIgor Štumberger, Senior Product Designer at 3FS, acompany thatoffers digital product development and the digital transformation of the Internet of Things. The guest lecturer, Igor Štumberger, a renowned application developer who has worked in close cooperation with Ericsson, introduced […]

Effective Design of the ALL IN Event Advertising – A Comparison of Strategies and Results

Advertising an event is a process of disseminating information about an upcoming event to attract visitors and generate interest and excitement. It plays a crucial role in reaching the target audience, increasing event awareness, and ensuring successful participation. The first part of the thesis is theoretical, divided into the research method and idea generation for […]

Zdenka Radek, President of the Association of Accountants, Financiers and Auditors Maribor and Advisor to the Director of Mariborski Vodovod

As part of the Cost Accounting course of the higher education study program Economist – Accounting module, we had a guest lecture by Zdenka Radek, President of the Association of Accountants, Financiers, and Auditors Maribor and member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Accountants, Financiers, and Auditors, who is employed at Mariborski […]

Guest lecture by Dr. Jure Vajs, Head of Strategic Programmes at Lek

Within the Databases course of the Informatics and Computer Science study programme, we hosted Dr. Juret Vais, Head of Strategic Programmes at LEK. LEK is the first and oldest pharmaceutical company in Slovenia, where they develop, manufacture, and market biologic medicines for patients around the world. In a recent guest lecture in the Databases course, […]

The Organization of a Construction Site in Annexes of Doctor’s Offices in the Health Centre

The diploma thesis discusses the organization of a construction site in annexes of doctor’s offices in the Murska Sobota health centre. In the first part of the thesis, we present the issue of the health centre, its current state and the intended construction operation or annexe. We study infrastructural requirements, construction contracts, protection plans, available […]