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Artificial light in photography and its effect on the viewer

White light as we see it is actually made up of photons of different wavelengths, which our eyes perceive as different colors. Isaac Newton proved this with his experiments. But Newton wasn’t sure if light was made of particles or waves. Thomas Young showed in 1802 that light can also be an electromagnetic wave. Visible […]

Title of thesis: Replacement of less efficient impulse type steam turbine with a reaction type to increase the efficiency of the turbo-generator plant

Companies that operate in the energy segment of electricity production and thermal energy use are focused on ensuring the highest possible efficiency and benefits of invested energy. Companies are fighting to develop devices that have the best possible efficiency, while new and new components are being developed. As a result, the achievement of greater utilization […]

Improvement of the cyclone extraction unit on the Elhaus sawmill

In today’s times, innovation and self-adjustment are often required in production in the search for solutions that achieve higher quality and higher productivity in the production of the final product. Most products go through various processing procedures, which achieve the desired product properties, but this also increases the number of low-quality products, because, with several […]

The future of new cycling links – the Legi kamen tunnel

The thesis describes and analyses the construction of the Huda Luknja cycling link between Velenje and Mislinja, and more specifically the Legi Kamen tunnel, which is one of the facilities on the cycling link and the only tunnel that requires new construction. The main topics of the thesis are the excavation of the tunnel and […]

Design and manufacture of a bottom bedder for the bedding of chicken farms

In my thesis entitled “Design and Manufacture of a Scoop for chicken farm litter”, I focused on the development and manufacture of a scoop for chicken farm litter with shavings. I described the problem I faced throughout the thesis. And that problem is how to make it easier for myself to hand-spread. In the thesis, […]

Kenijka Dorcas Chepkirui na Erasmus+ študentski izmenjavi iz turške univerze Mersin

Dorcas Chepkirui je študentka javne uprave na turški univerzi Mersin in od začetka junija 2023 s pomočjo Erasmus+ študentske izmenjave na VSŠ Academii opravlja praktično izobraževanje kot Erasmus+ projektni asistent. “Prihod v Maribor je bil zame dobra izkušnja, čudovito vreme, očarljiva mešanica kultur in prijaznost domačinov so mi omogočili, da sem se počutila sproščeno, hkrati […]

Staff mobility at Academia VSŠ: TV broadcasting and advertising professor Katherine Escobar from El Salvador University of Technology

At the Academia, Short-Cycle Higher Education college we hosted Katherine Escobar, professor of TV broadcasting and advertising at the Technological University of El Salvador. She responded to the invitation of VSŠ Academia as well as of the Technological University of El Salvador in the framework of the Erasmus+ KA107 ICM (International Credit Mobility) staff mobility […]

Graphic design student Anja Muhič with Erasmus+ practical training in Mallorca, Spain

Anja Muhič, študentka programa Medijska produkcija – modul grafično oblikovanje, je v okviru programa Erasmus+ odpotovala na praktično izobraževane v globalnem podjetju Acrew na Mallorci, ki se ukvarja z raznolikimi dogodki, marketingom ter tržnimi študijami na področju navtične industrije, hkrati pa ponujajo prilagojene rešitev za posameznike in organizacije iz omenjenega področja. Anja Muhič, a student […]