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Comparison of the javascript library React.js with the javascript framework Angular

The thesis examines the differences between the JavaScript library React.js and the JavaScript framework Angular, with an emphasis on their practical value. It encompasses the creation of two comparable web applications using both tools and a review of the performance of both technologies in handling Big Data. I reviewed the learning curve, accessibility of learning […]

Cybersecurity in Companies

In today’s world, cybersecurity has become one of the indispensable elements in companies and on the internet in general. Nowadays, almost no company exists that doesn’t rely on some form of technology to conduct its activities, and this is why protecting sensitive data and digital assets has become of paramount importance. Cyber threats are constantly […]

The modernisation of printing and its impact on economic growth of a printing company

In this thesis, we wanted to address the umbrella issue of small printing companies, on one hand, caught in the environment of a rapid technological development and, on the other hand, facing ruthless competition from larger economic organisations whose monopolistic goals slowly drive smaller private companies out of the market. Is it possible to create […]

International Summer Business School in Rijeka enriches Academia students with intercultural connections and new knowledge

In June 2024, eight participants from Academie’s Media Production and Economics programs had the opportunity to take part in the 7-day summer business school “EFRI International Business School” in Rijeka. Alongside Slovenian students, participants from higher education institutions in Greece, Finland, Croatia, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Russia also attended. The program, in its eighth consecutive […]

Student Umar at the end of his Erasmus+ exchange in Slovenia

Peerbux Umar Mohammad Narweez is a Web and Multimedia Development student at the University of Mauritius, Mauritius. Since the 4th of March 2024, he has been attending VSŠ Academia as an exchange student. Student Umar told us from the start that he was both excited and nervous before the Erasmus trip, as it was his […]

The promotional campaign for the anniversary of the karate club

»The promotional campaign for the anniversary of the karate club« The thesis addresses the development of a promotional campaign for the 20th anniversary of the Dren Leskovec Karate Club with the key objective being to acquire practical knowledge and skills in designing effective, appealing and useful marketing materials, particulary print media. Within the framework of […]

Designing the cover of a musical story

In my thesis, I researched the importance of graphic design in the world of music and, based on the research, designed a graphic cover for an author’s album. I analyzed successful covers from different times, genres and studied their development, then focused on the basic artistic elements in the context of cover graphic design and […]

Artificial intelligence and potential problems

This thesis investigates the complex and evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), and delves into the potential problems associated with its rapid development and widespread deployment. AI has emerged as a transformative technology, impacting various aspects of human life, including healthcare, transportation, finance, and entertainment. However, alongside its numerous benefits, AI also brings forth a […]

Impact of active breaks on employees

The promotion of workplace health is gaining traction in Slovenia, with many companies already implementing various activities and observing positive outcomes such as reduced sick leaves, increased employee motivation, better communication, and higher productivity. My focus in diploma is on one aspect of workplace health promotion and that is: active breaks. These breaks involve organized […]

Financial investments in company x

In my thesis, I focused on studying financial investments at company X. I explored how different types of investments can contribute to increased profitability and market value of the company. In the theoretical part, I defined basic concepts and types of financial investments and explained their tax and accounting aspects. The research is based on […]