Anja Muhič at the end of her practical training in Mallorca, Spain

Graphic Design

Following the article in August in which Media Production – Graphic Design module student Anja Muhič shared her first impressions at the start of her practical training at the global company Acrew, she now shares her experiences, insights and memories of student life in Mallorca at the end of the programme.

The decision to do this exchange came from a desire to challenge myself beyond the occasional trip. Basically, she wanted to actually move for the first time, and the possibility of living in a city was a completely new experience for her. Mallorca, with its vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes, provided the perfect backdrop for this transformative journey. There is no doubt that moving abroad has a profound impact on both personal and professional growth. Immersing yourself in another culture brings a wealth of experiences, improves language skills and opens the door to diverse career opportunities. More importantly, the experience fosters a sense of complete independence.



For Anja, this practical training was not just a professional endeavour; it was a gateway to many new experiences and unforgettable memories. Working with Acrew exposed her to the complexities of event planning, marketing strategies and the specialised world of yacht crews. The variety of tasks challenged her to adapt and learn quickly, which contributed significantly to her skill set. She worked 5 days a week and her work included the production of marketing material, social media graphics, social media video content, flyers, posters, promotional material and similar items. The design of visual elements, the choice of colour palette and the layout of text are just some of the aspects that required attention to the smallest details in her practice. Throughout her work, she has monitored old prints and tried to approach and improve them.

The work of a graphic designer involves an exceptional knowledge of various design tools and programmes. Throughout her work she has used Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Lightroom and InDesign. During her internship, she therefore took care of the overall graphic image of the company, as well as the visual image of the events that the company organised. She also learned how to work with other departments in the company, collaborating on projects that required photography, video production and communicating with the marketing department; being able to coordinate with other teams and understanding their needs is key to the successful execution of projects.


“The mentoring I received during my training was invaluable, shaping my outlook and giving me new insights that will undoubtedly influence my future ventures. Even though I had to stick to the handbook of corporate identity elements that I received at the beginning of my training, my supervisors still gave me a lot of freedom to work, which allowed me to improve my creative skills and better understand the software used.”



Projects also had to be completed within a set deadline, and they had to learn how to manage their work effectively within the timeframe. Each project she worked on became an opportunity to grow and upgrade her skills. The feedback she received on her work confirmed her satisfaction with the end result, and she took criticism as positive guidance for the future. She is aware that she has become more disciplined and meticulous in this area. Despite her existing knowledge of English, she has made further progress in her practice by exposing herself intensively and on a daily basis to communication in that language.

In addition to the work she did, she will remember the whole experience and the move to the island for the following things: Mallorca is not only a destination for sunbathing and beaches, but also a paradise for food lovers. She used her free time to explore the local restaurants, sampling typical Spanish dishes, from traditional paella to fresh seafood. She was also enchanted by Mallorca’s nature, spending her weekends wandering along scenic trails and discovering hidden coves. She visited the many museums, old churches and local markets, where she immersed herself in the island’s history and culture. All this discovery would, of course, have been much more boring without the friends she made there.

“No matter where you go, connecting with people who share similar interests is an enriching experience. Sharing stories and a common passion for fields was not only inspiring, but also provided a network of like-minded individuals. Student life in Mallorca was more than just a placement – it was an adventure in every sense.”

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