Graphic Design Instructor Francisco Maldonado concludes his stay at VSŠ Academia

Graphic Design


As of the beginning of April, our Graphic Design instructor Francisco Maldonado will be saying goodbye to the Media Production programme at VSŠ Academia.

In the last year of his graphic design studies in Spain, he says, he started thinking about an exchange abroad.

“I’ve always loved travelling, as it’s a way to get to know new cultures, people and a different way of life. To this end, I applied for an Erasmus+ scholarship at my university.”

Francisco had been looking for a graphic design position in several places, but when he saw the offer from VSŠ Academia, he says he knew immediately that it would be the right choice for him, as it would allow him to improve his skills in graphic design. He would also be training to become a graphic design and photography instructor, as he is completing his Master’s degree in teaching at his university in Spain, and believes that this internship is a great opportunity to gain new experience.

Before coming to Academia Francisco had never visited Slovenia, which is one of the main reasons why he chose this school. During his time in Slovenia, Francisco has taken several trips around the country and has always praised the natural beauty of the country as well as the friendly, simple people.

“I am very grateful for the warm welcome and support that the Academia team gave me during my stay in Slovenia.”

In Maribor, he has worked with students and lecturers, participated in European Erasmus+ projects and his own projects at VSŠ Academie (PinHole Photography, CBL Graphic Design, WinterSchool Photography).

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