Graphic design student Anja Muhič with Erasmus+ practical training in Mallorca, Spain

Graphic Design

Anja Muhič, študentka programa Medijska produkcija – modul grafično oblikovanje, je v okviru programa Erasmus+ odpotovala na praktično izobraževane v globalnem podjetju Acrew na Mallorci, ki se ukvarja z raznolikimi dogodki, marketingom ter tržnimi študijami na področju navtične industrije, hkrati pa ponujajo prilagojene rešitev za posameznike in organizacije iz omenjenega področja.

Anja Muhič, a student of the Media Production – Graphic Design module, went on practical training in the framework of the Erasmus+ program to Acrew, a global company in Mallorca, which deals with various events, marketing and market studies in the nautical industry, while at the same time offering tailor-made solutions for individuals and organizations in this field.

Anja did her practical training at the company as a Design Assistant. Although she admitted that the first day in the new environment was quite exciting and nerve-wracking, this feeling quickly disappeared after a welcome and a short introduction to the team and the work the company does. There was a very good atmosphere and she quickly integrated into the team.

Anja’s working hours stretched from 9 am to 5 pm, every weekday from Monday to Friday, and she was involved in four major projects during her practical training. Most of her work involved creating content for social networks, where she created numerous posts, videos, and stories. At the same time, she also created promotional physical and digital material for various events organized or attended by the company.


She says she finds this kind of work exciting and fun because she learns something new with every project; whether it’s discovering new ways to use software, effectively capturing a client’s vision and bringing their design desires to life, to the skills of integrating thought, image, sound and video content into an aesthetically coherent whole, or the ability to plan and organize.

Moving to a big city was a big change for Anja, but she adapted quickly to her new environment. She used her free time to explore other parts of the island and the beautiful beaches. Since most of her free time was on weekends, she often attended parties or watched a movie on the beach, which helped her to meet new friends.


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