Graphic design student Melani Kumin on Erasmus+ exchange in Split, Croatia

Graphic Design

Melani Kumin, a student of the Media Production – Graphic Design module, went on an Erasmus+ exchange to the Art Academy Split (UMAS) in Croatia.


Melani arrived in Split at the beginning of October, where she met with her mentor to create a work plan for the duration of the exchange in Croatia. Every Monday, Melanie and her mentor had a short meeting to review the work, progress, and achievements of the previous week and to set the guidelines and goals for the upcoming week.

The work was mostly done in the student classroom at UMAS or from home. Despite the fact that she had already completed all the subjects of the Graphic Design module at the Academia VSŠ, she still had the desire to take two subjects that had aroused her great interest: sociology and animation.


“At the Art Academy, I was also involved in various guest lectures, student workshops, social events and I participated in the educational platform Interaction, which was organised by my mentor.”



At the platform, they had the opportunity to listen to various speakers present their projects, and to try their hand at speculative design in three workshops. For Melanie, it was a very interesting and enriching experience, which provided her with additional knowledge and ideas for her thesis.

Life in Split is also very lively, as the city never rests with activities and events. Melani had a beautiful beach close to her apartment with a great location for hiking and quick access to the islands. The city itself is full of clubs, workshops, concerts, and other cultural events. The people are very open and friendly, so I felt like I was at home.



“The exchange was a great opportunity and experience for me. I had the opportunity to improve my thesis, gain new skills, meet new friends and return home with a lot of motivation and fresh ideas for the future.”

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