Jan Rozman on an internship in Liechtenstein


Študent: Jan Rozman

Jan Rozman, a 2nd-year student of the Media Production – Photography module, traveled to Vaduzer Medienhaus AG, a media house located in the country’s capital, Vaduz, for practical training as part of the Erasmus+ program.

Jan joined the team of Vaduzer Medienhaus AG, a modern media company and provider of various products and services in digital and print media, outdoor advertising, and events, as part of an Erasmus+ internship at the beginning of April. These include the leading daily newspaper “Liechtensteiner Vaterland”, the business newspaper “Wirtschaft regional”, the Sunday newspaper “Liewo”, numerous digital services such as news websites, live video streaming and advertising on billboards and buses, and business events such as the “Wirtschaftswunder”.



On the induction day I met my mentor and the company’s chief photographer, Daniel Schwender, who gave me an introduction to the company and showed me around the facilities where the company creates digital content. I also met my colleagues, with whom I shared experiences and tasks over the following months.


The mentor gave Jan a detailed presentation of the services offered by the media house. Jan’s main task was to take and design photographs for newspapers and magazines. The student was given an overview of all the priority tasks he would be responsible for and the side tasks he would perform with the help of his colleagues.

In the first week, the student has already shown significant progress in using Photoshop, Lightroom, and image organization. One of Jan’s first assignments outside the media house was to photograph a press conference, using equipment designed specifically for this event. For the next few days, he and his mentor photographed similar events, with the aim that Jan would become independent and be able to shoot in the field without the help and accompaniment of his mentor.



After two weeks of internship at the company, it was time for me to attend my chosen event as a freelance photographer. I was accompanied only by a journalist from the company’s newspaper department. I met a lot of nice people at the events and they have a special place in my memory.


The workflow has always been very similar. First, Jan met with one of the journalists who had been selected to cover the event (press conference, shop opening, cultural meetings, exhibitions). The reportage was later published in the newspaper and the imagery was taken care of by Jan, who photographed for two newspapers and one lifestyle magazine.



At the beginning of his internship, Jan edited photos with his mentor, later he started editing photos from the company himself, and since he proved himself as a photographer, he was eventually able to edit photos of his stay in Liechtenstein for the magazine.


Two months passed quickly and the last day of my stay arrived. I am very grateful for this opportunity and the experience, which has given me extra motivation and confidence in my photography. I hope that my future after my studies will start in this beautiful mountain country.

Below you can see the photos taken by the student for the newspaper and magazine: 

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