Jordan’s Bara Daher from JUST University on Erasmus+ student exchange at Academia

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Bara Daher  is a student of Design and Visual Communication at the Jordan University of Science and Technology in Jordan. She has been attending the Academia VSŠ since the beginning of December 2023 as an exchange student, where she is doing her practical training.

On a December night, Maribor greeted us with snowfall and Bara started her practical training at VSŠ Academia as an Erasmus student. As she says, she was so happy about the calm snowfall and full of enthusiasm that she couldn’t sleep despite travel fatigue. The very next day, at the Academia International Office, she finally met the Erasmus+ coordinators who helped her to have a successful exchange and to arrive at Academia. She also met the rest of the school staff and her Erasmus+ friends who helped her to start her Erasmus+ placement smoothly.


 “After the first few days of my internship, I found a new hobby: walking around the city and discovering Slovenian culture. Maribor was full of historical sights, besides the stunning surrounding landscape, diverse architectural styles for buildings and streets, and the Drava river running that traverses the entire city, there were many more wonderful sights that I could access just a few steps away from the Academia, and a many cool cafes as well!”

For Bara, the routine daily tasks were a rich experience, replete with joy and deemed worthy of being undertaken itself.



She says that Maribor’s people are nice, friendly, and easy to communicate with. Whatever Bara’s interests – art, sport, or something else – she found her own company in Maribor.
Another great part of Bara’s Erasmus+ experience was being able to travel to different countries easily, She enjoyed visiting the nearby countries of Slovenia without any barriers, she said this was a privilege that many people don’t appreciate enough, and it was a great experience for her.



“I have made good friends from new places in this world, and been exposed to wider cultures, and opened my mind to new perspectives. Looking back on my time, I am glad I had this experience. I want to make the most of my last month here – to learn even more and to create memories that will make me smile and give a grateful feeling when I look back on them later.” 

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