Lucija Macuh on completing her practical education at ECU in Paris

Graphic Design

Lucija Macuh, a student of the Media Production – Graphic Design module, took part in a three-month practical training within the Erasmus+ programme at the European Independent Film Festival (ECF), which organises an annual festival dedicated to independent film in the capital of France.

After the practical training at ÉCU, Lucija has gained a lot of experience and insights. This period has been extremely enlightening and inspiring for her, but it has also been exhausting, as she has faced many challenges both in and out of the workplace.

“”I have seen first-hand how theory can be effectively translated into practice. My design work for the festival taught me how to combine aesthetics with effective communication, while developing my project management skills. I learned how to understand client needs, adapt quickly to change and work effectively with a team. This will be a great help to me in my future career.”

Unexpectedly, she also took on some work in editing, digital marketing and set design, which offered her a great opportunity to explore and develop her creative skills in other directions. She has learned how different fields of art can complement each other and enhance the final product. Helping to set the scene connected her to the aesthetic expression of space, while in editing she discovered the art of storytelling through visual elements.




The changes and challenges she faced became learning opportunities. Some of the challenges were adapting to rapid change, dealing with urgent situations and making decisions quickly. She also upgraded her knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud software. She discovered tools and features that she had not known about or had rarely encountered before.

“Experiencing Paris itself was also unforgettable. I would love to be part of the international film community once again and to be involved in the organisation of the festival. It was a truly unique experience! Meeting different filmmakers, working with international professionals and collaborating with talented individuals from all over the world really broadened my horizons of cultural diversity.”



Although she has also faced challenges, she has learned to take opportunities from them and maintain a positive attitude in a dynamic working environment. This has made her more independent, flexible, and open to new ideas.

The practical training at ÉCU is also a reference that will surely open doors to career opportunities in the future. The experience gained proves her ability to adapt and learn in a dynamic environment. This will enable her to overcome new challenges in the creative industry.


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