Marko Janžič on an internship in Berlin, Germany

Video Production

Študent: Marko Janžič

Marko Janžič, a 2nd-year student of the Media Production – Video Production module, went on an Erasmus+ internship to Berlin, the capital of Germany, where he undertook practical training at AVA Studios, a company involved in the production of music videos. Marko was also awarded the Student of the Year 2021 Award for being the most successful and fastest to complete the requirements of the Media Production 2019-2021 Generation Higher Professional Programme.

Marko is doing an internship at AVA Studios, a company that produces music videos. They have made more than 1400 of them. They work with well-known musicians from all over the world, but most of them are still from Germany. Despite the big names, the venues usually have a relaxed yet professional atmosphere. Oliver Sommer, the director, and stage manager of all the projects is primarily responsible for all the well-deserved awards and accolades. With so many videos shot all over the world, he has become one of the more recognizable figures in the industry.

I went to the internship primarily as an editor in post-production, but – to my delight – I have always participated as a “runner” on the set.

Filming takes place in studios, two of which are huge on the company’s estate, where Havel Studios still operates. It used to be the filming location for famous German entertainment shows.
Otherwise, filming takes place in various locations in and around Berlin. We also filmed in the old baths in Leipzig and Europa-Park on the French border.

In post-production, I am learning visual effects in Adobe, Blackmagic and Unreal, alongside shot preparation and editing. The latter is one of the most exciting and revolutionary programmes for the video industry, which can be used to create artificial worlds that are almost photo-realistic. Many people will remember the name in connection with video games. Now, however, this environment is already being used in film productions (e.g. the Mandalorian series).

Mark was impressed by the city’s multiculturalism, history, diverse cuisine, and openness of its people. He says that having all the cultures of the world in one place, and the insights into the lives of people from these cultures, further fuels his motivation; to follow his desires and pursue his creative passions.

I encourage anyone who is still thinking about an exchange to take advantage of this opportunity, as it will open up many horizons for you and Academia offers excellent support. Let the fear of the unknown be a motivation rather than a barrier. As Peter McKinnon would say – “FLY THE FLAG!”.

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