Media Production student Melani on practical training in neighbouring Austria


I’m Melani Recek, 2nd year student of the Media Production programme. I come from the surroundings of Grad na Goričkem. As part of the Erasmus+ programme, I decided to go to neighbouring Austria to do my practical training.

I started my internship after the New Year, on 3 January 2022 to be precise – a new year and new experiences! As I live on the border with Austria, my mobility was quite car-based. I loaded my car with all the things I needed for the internship: all the study material and all the photography and filming tools at my disposal.

I did my internship at the FLOR DIGITAL ARTIST photography studio. In the first days we had a familiarisation process where I got to know the whole team, the workplace and the working tools. The whole team – from the mentor to the co-workers – is amazing. The team is very friendly and at the same time very tolerant of my foreign language. They have been so helpful in my personal and professional growth.

I am very grateful to both mentors, especially for their support and help every step of the way to my daily goal.

During the practical training I received at the company I was introduced to several approaches or ways of learning, so at this point I would like to stress the importance of choosing the right training process. Flor Studio Artist introduced me to several learning approaches, and I then chose the way that suited me best.

The company offered me all the equipment and facilities during my internship, both on the job and in my free time, with the wish that I could use my time to learn and improve my photography techniques. I am very grateful to the company for this.

I had never been involved in photography or filmmaking before I started my studies at the Academy, but studying and doing an internship abroad allowed me to discover new talents and abilities in a direction I had not seen myself in before.

I would like to thank the whole team at VSŠ Academija for the opportunity to be part of the Erasmus+ programme. My biggest thanks go to FLOR DIGITAL ARTIST, who immediately accepted my request for a compulsory internship, and to the team of the company for all the time and effort they have given me.

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