Staff mobility at Academia VSŠ: Assistant in International Relations David Abraham Alas from El Salvador Technological University

At VSŠ Academia we hosted Mr. David Abraham Alas, Assistant Professor in the International Relations Department at the Technological University of El Salvador, where he supports student mobility and exchange programs such as Erasmus+ and K107, Emerging Leaders in the Americas, Amity, and UGRAD; he is also involved in capacity-building projects in the field of education, such as the FREE NETWORK for Technology-Based Enterprise Development of the Erasmus+ program.


Universitat Tecnológica de El Salvador (UTEC) has been working with Academia since 2018 on the international exchange of students and academic staff under the Erasmus+ KA107 International Mobility Programme.

“I have always seen that our staff and students are very happy and satisfied with their mobility and their experience in Slovenia. This attracted my attention and interest in Academia Slovenia and encouraged me to participate in the programme. When I arrived at Academia, I was warmly welcomed and the Academia staff made me feel at home.”



During his visit to the Academia, Mr Alas learned about the system of educational models at the Academia and the programs they have been working on with other universities to build capacity in higher education, which created an opportunity to discuss new initiatives to improve the quality of education and strengthen academic relations. He confided in us that this visit, with its scenic views and hidden beautiful cobbled roads, deepened his cultural knowledge of the city of Maribor, but it was also an opportunity to reconnect with old acquaintances and meet new people.


“Maribor is a very charming city with friendly people and a unique hospitality that made me feel at home. Academia in Slovenia is definitely a place where you can achieve your goals with creativity and enthusiasm and rediscover the world from a different perspective.”


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