Academia students get hands-on experience at Belgrade Education Fair

Academia students get hands-on experience at Belgrade Education FairIn October 2023, Acadeima VSŠ was given the exciting opportunity to work with the Skupnost VSŠ under the Erasmus+ program. VSŠ Academia students Medina Jahić, Tamara Bogosavac, Marko Jovanovski, Žan Kac and Andrej Brezo have been selected for an 11-day practical training in Serbia. Their task was to present higher vocational education in Slovenia to Serbian students through active promotion at the education fair in Belgrade.

The students of VSŠ Academia Medina, Marko, Žan, Tamara and Andrej, took the great opportunity to experience an unforgettable exchange in Serbia, where they learnt a lot about cooperation, patience and life in Belgrade. Serbia, a country with a rich history and cultural heritage, completely captivated them.


Invaluable Experience through Working at the Education Fair

The visit to Serbia had a special meaning for the group of students, namely to represent the higher vocational schools in Slovenia at the Belgrade Book and Education Fair. Working at the stand went extremely smoothly as they were surrounded by great company and interesting stories from passers-by. They became a real team with the colleagues with whom they shared their stands and together they made a great presentation of the educational offer in Slovenia.

“During the fair we had the opportunity to interact with visitors and we got a good insight into the interest in Slovenian studies in Serbia.Many visitors were interested in the study programmes offered by Slovenian higher education institutions – we were happy to show them the advantages of studying in Slovenia.We also believe that we were able to impress them with what it is like to study and live in Slovenia and thus attract some prospective students.”



The internship in Serbia not only enriched the cultural experience, but also provided the group with a unique opportunity to develop a career in the field they are studying – from marketing, to graphic design and photography.For the marketing students, the fair provided an opportunity to apply marketing strategies in a real-life environment.From goal setting and generating leads to competitor analysis and post-event activities, this experience has improved their ability to design promotional activities for brand awareness and networking.

The photography students captured daily moments of setting up their booth and interacting with attendees and different cultural experiences. These photographs contributed to an enriched visual narrative of our trip, while enhancing the students’ real-world experience of photographing a major trade show event.



The group work of the students from Academia Serbia was a combination of marketing, photography production, and economics, which showed how well their skills complement each other. The photos taken during the fair activities became a successful tool for marketing efforts, adding a lively touch to promotional materials and social media posts.

“This group work not only gave us practical experience, but also highlighted the value of working together in different skills to create effective and meaningful results.”




Exploring the City and Enjoying Kavice

In their free time during the exchange, the team explored Belgrade. They explored the city’s sights, visited museums and immersed themselves in its rich cultural heritage. One of the interesting facts about Belgrade is that it is often referred to as the “European party capital”, and the students were happy to put this to the test. Belgrade is a city that boasts a unique nightlife.

“We experienced a vibrant atmosphere, different genres of music and met people from all over the world who came to experience one of the most exciting nightlife experiences in Europe. If you are a nightlife enthusiast, Belgrade is definitely one of the must-visit cities.”


The attendance at the fair was outstanding, with more than 200,000 people visiting the fair. Our students were actively involved in the pre-fair, inter-fair and post-fair promotion, contributing to the outstanding success of the event. Their knowledge and presentations deepened the Serbian students’ understanding of the possibilities of higher vocational education in Slovenia and, above all, shared with them their personal experiences of studying here.

This cooperation not only strengthened international ties between educational institutions and our local/regional cooperation with the VSS Community, but also helped to raise the profile of our institution abroad and network for further cooperation. The experience gained has also had a positive impact on the participating students. They shared with us how in their account, which we publish below.

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