Guest lecture by Ana Matić, professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Unviersity of Montenegro.

Graphic Design

In the framework of the course Project-Graphics of the Media Production programme we hosted Prof. Ana Matić, full professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Montenegro.

Prof. Ana Matič teaches courses such as Introduction to Design, Graphic Communication, Development and Theory of Graphic Design; in the past she has also lectured on Typographic Design and Interactive Design.

The guest lecture focused on the first steps of young graphic designers. Ms Matić shared her career story in graphic design. In the 1990s, when Prof. Matić became a professor in the field of fine arts, the work of a graphic designer in Montenegro was much less visible. In order to raise the profile of the profession, a portal for young graphic designers was created, which served both for communication purposes and as a library of products from graphic enthusiasts. Since 2018, she is also the President of the NVU FLUX portal.

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