Successful Autumn Tech School in cooperation with Povio and Skupnost VSŠ

Computer sciences

Web Production

In October, Academia VSŠ organised and hosted the Autumn IT School (Autum Tech School) in cooperation with Povio and Skupnsot VSS. The event was an important follow-up to the success of the first Erasmus+ Short Intensive Programme (SIP) that Academia implemented at the end of June. The second KIP organised by our institution, the Autumn IT School, brought together students and lecturers from Estonia, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. The programme offered a dynamic and intellectually stimulating intensive educational experience to 23 international students and eight Slovenian participants.



Thanks to the partnership with Povio, the programme has not only provided students with a unique learning experience. It also offered them a comprehensive practical insight into the field of programming. The students focused on JavaScript, CSS and HTML programming and took on the challenge of designing and developing an internal resource and knowledge-sharing tool from Povio. Divided into six groups and supported by their tutors, the students participated in a hands-on programming experience.

The one-week programme allowed participants to gain practical knowledge, network with professionals from different cultural backgrounds and explore different aspects of programming. The curriculum for the whole week was intensive and covered programming, design basics, training on how to successfully ‘pitch’ IT ideas and practical assignments.



The enriching aspect of the Autumn IT School was a presentation of Povio by Leon Pahole and Barbara Sužnik, and a visit to IZUM in Maribor, where students saw the VEGA supercomputer in operation. Both events gave students an insight into the practical workings of the technology industry. Giovanni Mercorillo, one of the participants, highlighted this experience as particularly valuable: “Exploring the workings of Povio and learning about their projects gave me valuable insights into the industry. It was inspiring to see innovation and creativity in a professional environment.”


Linking technical knowledge to the real world and social interaction was a key element of this Erasmus+ BIP programme. The autumn IT school not only emphasised technical skills, but also offered a platform for socialising and networking. Through group tasks, discussions and sharing of experiences, participants made new friends and broadened their acquaintances and horizons.

Reflecting on his experience, Giovanni Mercorillo expressed his gratitude: “The knowledge gained, the friendships made and the practical insights gained will undoubtedly be valuable sources of experience as I pursue my academic and professional goals.”

We are delighted that the second Erasmus+ Combined Intensive Programme – the Autumn IT School – has also successfully created a collaborative and stimulating environment for the participants. Students developed practical skills, gained real insights into the industry and broadened their horizons, preparing them for future challenges in the field of computing.


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