Tackling a real-world challenge at the second innovative SmartSkills 4.0 Business School

This summer, from 26 to 30 June, Short-Cycle Higher Education College Academia hosted and organized the second Smart Skills 4.0: Summer Innovation School, which brought together students from countries such as Lithuania, Greece, Romania, Slovenia and interns from Kenya and Mauritius. Participants were exposed to a multicultural atmosphere that fostered innovation and forged lifelong friendships. The Summer School offered a platform for students to showcase their creativity and innovative business practices while developing the skills needed to succeed in today’s digital world.


The programme provided participating students with a comprehensive awareness of the evolving world of business in the digital age. They learned about entrepreneurship, digital marketing, business planning, data analysis and disruptive technologies. The lessons took the form of workshops, stimulating lectures and group assignments. The aim of the classes is to provide students with the information and skills needed to excel in a rapidly changing business world.

One of the highlights of the Smart Skills 4.0 summer program was a group pitching session in front of representatives from Lunos I-vent. Students were divided into groups to facilitate interaction and exchange of ideas. They were tasked with creating unique concepts for Lunos I-vent, an established HVAC company in Slovenia. Guided by their assigned mentors and motivated by their passion for the work, the students showcased their creativity by providing revolutionary solutions that could impact the future of the company. The pitch session not only showcased their strategic thinking and business skills but also created optimism and unity among the participants.



During the summer school, participants had the opportunity to meet with mentors from different institutions, with different expertise in different academic fields. The mentoring sessions meant that participants received personalised support and advice to foster their progress as future entrepreneurs.

In addition to the intensive classroom sessions, students and guest lecturers were taken on a guided tour of the beautiful city of Maribor. They learned about Maribor’s rich history, architectural wonders and local culture. From visiting different sites to interacting with the local people, they created unforgettable experiences and strengthened friendships.



The Smart Skills 4.0 program has provided students with the business and digital skills they will need to get ahead in today’s world. They gained all this through engaging learning experiences, case studies, and mentoring sessions. The connections made and ideas developed during the summer school will continue to inspire and drive innovation in the students’ future business endeavors.

The program was organized as part of the Erasmus+ Smart Skills 4.0 project, which aims to promote the development of forward-thinking skills in students, teachers, and staff. It focuses on sectors relevant to sustainability, represented by Business 4.0 trends through innovation. In addition to the Academia, the project brings together partners from Italy (Inforelea Torino – an adult education consortium), Greece (University of Western Attica), Romania (Polytechnic University of Bucharest and S.C. Avantera srl – a strategic development consultancy), and Lithuania (Vilniaus Universitetas).



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