Art theorist and artist Marko Pejović and students of the Media Production – Graphic Design module prepared an exhibition that respects the principles of design for all

Graphic Design

In the framework of Erasmus+ mobility we hosted again Marko Pejović, art theorist and artist in the field of inclusive practices and member of the collective “Hajde da…” from Belgrade, Serbia, this time as the organiser of the exhibition “Does culture belong to everyone…” with the help of students of the Media Production – Graphic Design module,

In March 2023, Marko Pejović gave a lecture and workshop on what it means to organize one space according to design for all, with key questions such as “How do we enable the inclusion of all fellow citizens in informational, visual and spatial terms?”.



The purpose of Mark’s second visit in June 2023 was to prepare an accessible exhibition from the results of the research, while the students, under the mentorship of Sara Božanić, Graphic design instructor at VSŠ Academia, researched how accessible institutions in Maribor are for people from different vulnerable groups, how to visually communicate accessibility and how to open up space for dialogue through design. In order to explain the process they had, the students filmed additional video material and prepared for print various products that were created in the process. This, together with sketches and notes, then became the material for the exhibition.

At the same time, the group also wanted to show what a ‘normal’ exhibition would look like if it was created according to the principles of design for everyone. So they invited young artists, most of whom have a manga aesthetic to their artistic style. Their digital works were transferred using the hot glue technique to make them more accessible to the blind and visually impaired. The chosen exhibition space (Kulutrni Inkubator) was accessible for wheelchair users, and the video material in Slovenian sign language also made it accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing.




The exhibition opened as a pop-up event on 16 June 2023. It was the first of its kind for the students involved in the development and installation of the exhibition – Ines Goričan, Lucija Macuh and Matej Vicman. The exhibition attracted a diverse audience, and was particularly appealing to children.

Details of the exhibition can be found here.

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